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  "Design Principles for K-12 Mathematics Standards"

Mathematics education in the United States is at a pivotal moment. The participation of 46 states in the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI)1  is based on hope that the outcome will improve mathematics and English-language education in our public schools. However, we fear that this initiative may actually make the situation worse; if the math standards that result from the Common Core Initiative are mediocre - or worse- it will reignite the math wars and create a national crisis in mathematics education. This possibility cannot be ignored.

The AL Coalition for World Class Math worked in conjunction with our sister coalitions to create the World Class Math Design Principles for K-12 Mathematics Standards. The Design Principles are intended to address the major deficiencies and defects that plague far too many of our states' current mathematics standards - including Alabama's. Our Coalition will use these Principles in evaluating the work of the CCSSI; accordingly, we offer them for consideration to help inform those who represent us, our children, and our public schools at this critical time. 

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1  "The Common Core State Standards Initiative is being undertaken by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers to "develop a common core of state standards in English-language arts and mathematics for grades K-12."  



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 International comparisons show that U.S. students lag behind their international peers in mathematics achievement by as much as two years by the end of elementary school. This slower pace of instruction might be defensible (or even laudable) if our students achieved high levels of mastery in these elementary topics, but that is not the case. Even when international comparisons include only topics that are routinely covered in U.S. curricula, our students are consistently and markedly outperformed by their peers in many other countries. 

 We must do better.  



The first and simplest step is to ensure that mathematics education for Alabama students will be informed by world-class mathematics standards that provide teachers, parents, and other stakeholders with unambiguous guidelines for what their students should know and be able to do at each grade level.



 How Do State Standards Influence Your Child's Education?


State academic standards provide the framework local school district's use to develop their curriculum.  State  assessments are based on state standards and performance on these state assessments can adversely affect the funding local school districts receive from the state. Local school districts select textbooks and instructional materials based, at least in part, on how well the textbooks are aligned with state standards. 

 Rigorous, appropriate standards can and do affect the type and content of instruction the children of Alabama receive.  



 What affect do remedial standards have on the achievement of children educated in the State of Alabama?   

According to the report  Diploma To Nowhere. pdf , a conservative analysis of the data on college students in 2004 shows that:

  • Forty-three percent (43%) of all students at public two-year institutions have enrolled in a remedial course. 
  • Twenty-nine percent (29%) of all students at public four-year institutions have enrolled in a remedial class.

Nationwide 63 % of the students taking remedial math do not earn degrees. 

For More Information Read: Notes on Remedial Math Problem by Professor Jerome Dancis of the University of Maryland.      



 We believe the problem stems from a weak foundation in math skills beginning in elementary school - a problem bought on by Alabama lowering expectations for students across the state.  Our coalition wants to ensure that the standards the State of Alabama sets are rigorous and appropriate and they prepare our children for the future.  

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